Wilfreds is the signature range from the Lewis Pie & Pasty Company; a family business since 1936

How we came to be

The origins of our bakery date back to 1936 when Wilfred Charles Lewis, a local of Swansea & Gower, decided to start making pies for the community.

Wilfred Charles started his small bakery in a single room in Fleet Street, Sandfields. He made his pies in solid metal tins and cooled them on the pavement outside.

Wilfred perfected his craft, and soon enough he gained a reputation for his delectable pies.

The Lewis Brothers

After many successful years, Wilfred, Geoffrey and John Lewis took over the reins from their father in 1976.

In 1989, as demand grew, the bakery moved to a larger location in Glamorgan Yard. The business continued to expand, leading to another move to its current location on Abergelly road, Swansea in 1997.

From humble beginnings, our bakery grew to become a beloved favourite serving the people of Swansea and beyond.

Third Generation

Today and since 2013 it’s the third generation of the Lewis family, Wilfred James Lewis, that continues to guide the business.

What started as a small bakery has now evolved into a manufacturing site with a BRC grade AA.

Despite being in operation for over 87 years, the Lewis family remain dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure their goods are consistent and high quality. 

Welsh Roots

At the heart of our business lies our unwavering devotion to our Welsh heritage. We strive to maintain our distinct Welsh identity in all that we do.

It’s no secret that we are passionate about collaborating with other local businesses. Some of our trusted partners include: - Shirgar Welsh butter, Colliers Welsh Cheese, Gower ales from the Gower Brewery and cheese from Caws Cenarth.

With outstanding products located throughout our beautiful country, these local Welsh businesses deliver unyielding quality that we are proud to endorse through our partnerships

 We don’t cool our pies on the pavements anymore but we still do things the traditional way.